One of the biggest challenges that I have handled and hurled as a teacher was when I was assigned as the chairman/organizer of Science Fair and Quiz Bee back in 2010.
The said Science Fair and Quiz was one of the activities lined up by the Babatngon Central School as part of the month-long Science Month Celebration which falls every September of the year.
As the chairman-organizer of the event, about 18 pupils from Grades III to VI participated Quiz Bee.
Part of my responsibilities was to assigned rooms where the contest per level would be conducted.
The Quiz Bee was conducted not only as a mere competition among participating students but achieved the following:(1) create science learning environment that will inspire pupils;(2) develop confidence and creativity;(3) produce talented and competitive pupils;(4) develop scientific attitude and analytical skills of the students;(5) increase academic performance in Science III, IV, V, and VI; and (6) participate in the Division Science Fair and Quiz.
Needless to say, the said Science Fair and Quiz was a success, thanks to the cooperation not only from the pupils but even from the teachers and our School Principal, Lorlyne Minano.(Note: The author at the Babatngon Central School)