The Department of Agriculture (DA), learning a lesson caused by the African
Swine flu (ASF), has tightened the biosecurity of the hog facilities with the issuance of supplemental guidelines in the preparation of the design of a biosecure finisher swine housing facility.

A swine finisher are those weighing at least 66 kilograms and are covered by the DA’s guidelines prepared by the Bureau of Agricultural and Fisheries Engineering (BAFE), in collaboration with the National Livestock Program and its Regional Field Office Regional Agricultural Engineering Divisions (DA—RFO-RAEDs).

The guidelines are to be implemented in the regional offices, including specifications on the minimum land area of 2,000 square meters and must adhere to the land use plan of the area; have access to water and electricity supply and be well-drained and have free air-circulation. Also, the facility should be near service road and built with an east-west orientation as well as in areas with prevailing winds that do not carry odors to the farmhouse. The facility’s site must at least by 1 kilometer away from other farms and residential and/or commercial areas, must be 23 meters radius away from sources of ground and surface drinking water And, at least 1,000 meters away from built-up areas, and industrial and a least 500 meters away from major roads and/or highways.

BAFE based the design, mentioned in the guidelines in preparing biosecure finisher housing facility, from PNS/PASE/PABES or any acceptable standards. Th issuance of supplementary guidelines is in line with agency’s 3-year Swi8ne Production Initiatives for Recovery and Expression Program (INSPIRE).

The crafting, implementation and adherence to the DA-BAFE guidelines to ensure the biosecurity of finisher is key to the fast and successful rebound of the Philippine Swine Industry following its devastation by the African swine flu. A close monitoring by the DA’s regional and/or field office personnel.
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