Forty-four members of the Philippine National Police – Special Action Force perished in an eleven-hour cross fire with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front in Mamasapano, Maguindanao. As expected, top honchos of the PNP much less officials in Malacañang Palace denied having anything to do with the police entry into what is reported as camp of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. Wash hands is how this gesture of the bigwigs can aptly be called, but the people who could simply surmise what must have actually happened cannot help but pass the blame on those in the higher echelon of the PNP.

Too many theories surmounted, too many angles of these stories to consider, but none as yet could prove the real happening. The eyewitness account is so far the best evidence to attest the veracity of these assertions. Circumstancial evidences can buttress these accounts to make them even more convincing and infallible. Definitely, the truth will come out, unless supressed by an invincible force or influence.

Was there really a breach of rules that resulted in the long battle? Was there a breach of protocol alleging a lack of coordination or treachery in either side? Was there a breach of the unwritten agreement to reapect each other’s territory and that any surprise attack will be dealth with no mercy? Whatever the answer is one thing is definite – breach of peace.

Maguindanao is still reverberating the popularity as site of a massacre that wasted the lives and dreams of 59 innocent souls, largely newsmen. The gory and strongly detedtable killing that happenef in Shariff Aguak this province in November 2009 remains fresh in people’s mind. Now this incident in Masasapano town, this province, that shocked humanity anew. The PNP-SAF men, almost a battallion, were pushed into what analysts call a killing zone – right in the crossfire between the MILF and the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters. The victims ended like sacrificial.lambs just to push some kind of cause that hopefullynis now laced with ulterior motives.

Their death should not be laid to waste. All those who erred should have their heads axed and roll, not physically though. The truth must come out and those responsible for this unimaginable bloody incident should be made to answer for their follies.