Former senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos, Jr. filed an election protest in the Supreme Court contesting the Vice Presidency, now occupied by the proclaimed winner on May 2016 national elections – Vice President Leni Robredo.
Even before Vice President Leni was proclaimed Bongbong was all over town already sharing his suspicion of being cheated, claiming he has a million votes lead against his closest rival.
This is now the seventh month and no decision have yet been handed down by the Supreme Court. But “Bongbong” is still tireless in telling media he was cheated.
In the first place why the good former Senator did file his protest in the Supreme Court and not at the Commission on Elections? We are simply wondering!
Since his protest is already in the highest judicial branch in government Bongbong should simply wait for the decisions. Talking about it in the media is nauseating already.
As of the moment Vice President Leni Robredo is doing her job and a lot of people are convinced she is a principled lawyer-politician. She is succeeding as a visualizer and ably fiscalizing government.
If the Supreme Court convincingly rules in Bongbong’s favor, then go and let it be. But if the decision will uphold the COMELEC’s proclamation of the Vice President, then Bongbong can sit back and prepare for Election 2022. He has still over five years to draft plans for his life in politics.