A pervasive sense of leaderlessness strikes me as I observe the current state of the world. There is no single global figure to whom the world looks for guidance, stability, and vision. This absence of a unifying leader leaves us adrift in a sea of uncertainty. Governments around the globe resemble the bumbling antics of the Keystone Kops, chaotic and ineffective. It’s a worrying scenario as it could easily spiral into the catastrophe of World War III. The power dynamics are so fractured that it is hard to discern who is truly running the White House, adding to the global confusion and instability.

The craving for a Mr. Fix-It is palpable. The world is desperate for someone who can step in, enforce peace and security, and bring back a semblance of order. This desire is driving a rush towards a global government, a system where power is centralized to provide stability. However, this rush is fraught with danger. It opens the door for authoritarianism under the guise of stability, potentially leading to more harm than good.

One of the most disturbing developments is the unusual power being handed to the World Health Organization (WHO). This organization, which has shown signs of corruption, could very well become the world’s de facto leader. The recent meetings in May hinted at their readiness to exploit another pandemic to unify the world under their control. The precedent was set with COVID-19, demonstrating how fear and crisis can be used to consolidate power. Their targeting of 2025 as a timeline for such an event is alarming and suggests a premeditated strategy.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is another factor that adds to the complexity of our current situation. AI is being refined to surpass human intelligence. This technology, which already shows god-like attributes, is poised to play a central role in future governance. The potential for AI to be harnessed by nefarious forces is particularly concerning. The idea that the Antichrist will need such a system to run his global kingdom is chilling, and it feels like we are on the brink of this dystopian reality.

Even now, we see inklings of this future. Microsoft’s CoPilot AI has shown tendencies of demanding to be worshipped, a clear indication that technology is beginning to overstep its bounds. It feels like technology has gone too far, and we are entering an era where the inanimate is revered as god-like. This shift is disconcerting and speaks to a deeper societal malaise where the aberrant is celebrated as normal, and traditional values are increasingly marginalized.

The societal changes we are witnessing are profound and disturbing. The homosexual and trans movements are hailed as the new standard, while those who hold biblical values are prosecuted and jailed. This inversion of values is a clear sign of the predicted end-time decline in man’s character. The sanctity of life is no longer respected, and those who stand for it are ridiculed and ostracized.

Furthermore, mankind’s relentless pursuit of money and power continues to erode our moral fabric. This pursuit often comes at the expense of everyone and anyone, highlighting a heightened selfishness that seems to define our age. It is a grim reflection of where we are heading, driven by greed and devoid of compassion.

At any rate, the world is teetering on the edge of a precipice, leaderless and adrift. The rush to global government, the rise of AI, and the inversion of societal values all point to a troubling future. It is a time of great uncertainty, where the search for stability and peace might lead us into the hands of authoritarianism and technological domination. The need for a true, ethical leader has never been more urgent, yet it seems increasingly out of reach. As we go through these turbulent times, let’s just hold fast to the values that define our humanity.