From the time he promised during the campaign period, until the two state of the nation address for the past two years of his doubtful presidency, the repetitive narrative of bringing the prices of rice at twenty pesos per kilo deafens the eardrum of the Filipino. In latest media statements, the doubtful president is still nagging that the country is towards that direction. Such declarations are being repeated to condition the public mind akin to his namesake despot who shared his belief and practice that lies when constantly repeated is believed by the gullible lot as truth.

Despite the glaring facts pointing to the opposite direction of what the doubtful president is constantly telling the public, he still continues with his deceptive tale with the aim of convincing his blind followers and the gullible public of what he is proclaiming. Government data regarding the price of rice is clearly towards an unabated rise. But he insists on his belief and makes all efforts to justify his utter failure to realize his promise by raising reasons such as the onslaught of calamities and disasters that affected rice production.
Such justifications were never raised during the period of promising as boldly declared that he can bring the price of rice to twenty pesos per kilo. Else, he could have placed beforehand such conditions that might affect the fulfillment of his promise. The boastful declaration practically duped the people into voting for his presidential bid, hoping that what he is telling is true. Verily, the gullible lot took his promises hook, line and sinker despite the glaring falsity and impossibility under the economic nosedive brought by his predecessor.

People took a deep and long slumber before waking into the dim situation they had been pulled into. The bleak future is now presently felt as prices of basic commodities are skyrocketing while income remain too low to support a decent life of the family. The lack of opportunities to earn is aggravated by the skewed government policy that favors the capitalists who are strong influencers in policymaking. Meanwhile, the people are riding the repetitive tale as the doubtful president appears enjoying his trance.
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