Dr. Paciente Cordero

Moderna, a giant US-owned Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology firm has informed Malacañang about its plan to build a production facility in the Philippines being a “perfect location” for its expansion in Asia. This was sealed during the recent state visit and meeting between Moderna officials and President Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos, Jr. at the Blair House in Washington.

It should be remembered that Moderna was one of the biggest donors and source of COVID-19 vaccine during the pandemic. By locating its manufacturing plant in the Philippines (its first investment in the Philippines and in Asia), makes the country the 3rd external site of Moderna after Atlanta, Georgia, USA, and Warsaw, Poland in Eastern Europe.

The Legislatures are happy to welcome the proposed Moderna facility in the country as “… the facility is expected to provide opportunities to Filipino health professionals” and health front liners as well. Some senators say that Moderna shares service facility for pharmacovigilance in the Philippines. While the US pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology firm’s primary products will be vaccines not only for COVID-19, but would include medicines for other diseases. Also, the presence of Moderna in the country is important “so that the health services needed to make the Filipinos healthy, safe and productive and closer to source.“

Looking back, 2 years ago this column was pregnant with articles vehemently supporting the idea of the country setting-up its own medicine and vaccine manufacturing firm to see the Philippines prepared for pandemic eventualities and availability of appropriate medicines and vaccines.
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