Multi-grade school teacher Honey Algein Liporada, 27, shows the innovative classroom design in her school using recycled materials coupled with Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools to inspire her pupils and co-teachers to strive for excellence despite being in a “barrio” school in Jaro, Leyte. (Contributed photo)

JARO, Leyte- Honeny Algein Liporada, 27, loves her teaching job and her pupils so much that she didn’t think twice of spending about P200,000 from her own pocket just to innovate the teaching and learning environment in her school located in an interior barangay of this town.
In a span of five years, this public multi-grade school teacher literally transformed the ordinary appearance of her classroom with instructional materials and photos using recycled materials coupled with information and communication technology tools which are all new to her pupils who lives far from a city.
Photos of her creative classroom design have gone viral in social media while her innovative teaching strategies have earned her awards from the Department of Education (DepEd) thrice in a row starting in 2015.
“My source of inspiration for that was my teaching experience in an international school. I really believe that I can bring an international standard to a barrio school,” said Liporada, who previously worked at Center for International Education (CIE), a Cambridge-standard private school in Tacloban City.
Coming from a family of teachers, Liporada started teaching at Notre Dame of Jaro, a private school in her hometown, shortly after graduating in college in March 2011.
After a brief stint in private schools, she was hired by the DepEd as a multi-grade teacher, handling Grades 5 and 6 classes.
“These children in the barrio school still tickle my heart and inspire me to continue believing that my vision of a world-class education even in small barangays still has hopes because dreams do come true,” she said.
While Liporada said that the DepEd is beset with various challenges, she urged fellow teachers to “continue to work hard and give our best in everything we do because giving up will never be the solution.”
From her previous assignment as a multi-grade teacher at Pange Elementary School, Liporada has been appointed as officer-in-charge at her present school assignment, Sari-Sari Elementary School, some 15 kilometers away from her the town proper where she lives.
Despite the rough terrain and the distance going to her school, Liporada said she found no reason to quit from her job.
“We are still starting this time. But I hope to share the same thing in my present station. That’s why I requested for transfer because I already achieved my vision at Pange Elementary School. I think I am most needed now in this school,” said Liporada, whose positivity and enthusiasm became a source of inspiration for other teachers.
“I really saw how my co-teachers worked when someone shows the initiative. And I hope this will also work in my new station,” added Liporada, who finished her education at Leyte Normal University, the premier institution for the teaching profession in the region` based in Tacloban City.
With her two other teachers and 54 students in the school, Liporada continues to encourage other teachers “to love their work, their pupils and their teaching environment, and to give the best that they can to produce a better education for the Filipinos.”
“Teaching is not just a job. It is definitely a vocation. It has been five years since I started in public service, and I’m glad I still feel the same today,” she said.
“Yes, there are a lot of issues that our department is currently facing. These issues must be faced and addressed. I am not saying that teachers’ salary is already enough with its workload. What I am trying to say is behind all the issues and controversies, I do believe and hope that teachers will be recognized, and valued by its worth,” Liporada said.
Meanwhile, Liporada thanked the DepEd Leyte Division officials through schools division superintendent Ronelo Al Firmo for their “guidance and inspiration.”
“Truly, the innovations and well-managed programs and projects of our division motivate us teachers to give our best in our profession,” she said.
“Indeed, an outstanding division hones outstanding teachers. I am really amazed by the strong leadership I see in our Division. I will always be proud to be a part of DepEd Leyte Division,” Liporada added.