Now on its 11th year

NAVAL, Biliran- All is ready as this town is expected to come alive in music and excitement with the holding of the Tsinelas Party today (Oct.6).
Tsinelas Party, which is now on its 11th year, as its name denotes will have all those who will join the merriment clad in tsinelas.
The party serves as a sort of an ‘equalizer’ among the people of Naval, Mayor Gerard Roger Espina said.
“Rich and poor wear tsinelas. (The party) symbolizes unity and equality among Navaleños,” the town mayor said.
Today’s celebration will be held along the town’s main streets covering four blocks and will start from 7 pm and is expected to last at 4 am Sunday.
During the party, music of different genre and era are to be played for the participants to enjoy.
Espina said that there are areas identified within the party space intended for the ‘oldies’ and for the millennials and those in between.
And since it’s a party, there will be food galore with participants bringing with their own foods to savor and partake among partygoers.
The holding of the Tsinelas Party serves as one of the socio-cultural activities lined up for the town fiesta.
The celebration is in honor of its patron saint ‘The Our Lady of the Holy Rosary.’
Mayor Espina said that the Tsinelas Party is already considered among the most sought -after event as part of its annual fiesta celebration.
According to him, people coming from other place, to include those coming from Tacloban City, come to Naval to enjoy the street party.
Last year, about 6,000 people were estimated to have joined the party and the participants for this year are expected to increase.
Thus, with an expected jampacked crowd, security will be strict, said its town police chief, Supt. Estanislao Corpin.
“Security will be tight to ensure the safety of the people who will join the party,” he said.
For one, only transparent bags are to be allowed for one to enter the party area.