Kidding PAul JAmesGetting at least 10 points in the mobile application Flappy Bird is supposed to not create too much ruckus in a third world country. But here in the Philippines, it does. Who doesn’t have the app in their gadgets? We seem to have a knack in always being updated with the latest and the most talked about. I am not surprised because this is not a first; however, it is pretty much disappointing. This third world country, for crying out loud, has bigger problems to problem. We are surrounded by anomalies and risks of death but we are unreservedly lethargic of them. I believe our societal web is at the peak of its trying times. The media have not failed to report our despicable political system, and, Mother Nature has not failed to whip us with her fatal wrath, but, we still disregard them. Majority of us may still be ignorant of what is causing too much national deficiency and most of us may still be uneducated of the effects of our climate’s quantum leap. The public lacks enthusiasm for more significant issues. People are more concerned with entertainment and leisure, and hold back their interest when subject matters become less engaging. For example, the name Cedric Lee and Deniece Cornejo, former anonymous personalities, have now become household favorites. Even elementary pupils can tell a brief background of the issues that cling to Lee and Cornejo. They have become huge Youtube sensations with more than a million views and with more than one featured video in the site’s news feed. How about David Tan, the alleged big-time rice smuggler who is believed to have smuggled rice amounting to millions of pesos? Who knows him? Who knows his face? Who knows the outcome of his suspected stealing? He had his time in the front pages of premier newspapers yet my close friend, a college instructor, does not know him. More people are busy watching the CCTV footages and deciding whether Vhong Navarro is lying or not. But only a few would reread a post or a share regarding advancements for the fight against global warming. In truth, we should be most appreciative of any progress against global warming since we are one of the most affected countries. I can feel that the youth, the ones that should be more knowledgeable on earthly changes, are much more pre-occupied with trend and gossip. Ostensibly, a lot more netizens are concerned with app game scores rather than consequences that may arise should we pay no heed to climate change. I am not spoiling the fun, nor am I dejecting involvement in show business, entertainment and amusement. From time to time, it is very fine to divert our attention to pacific and relaxing things. The problem with today is that we have given the lion’s share of our consciousness to these shallow issues. Apathy towards socially relevant issues is like shunning our identity as Filipinoes and depriving our children of a livable future. I can only beg for everyone to realize the importance of social involvement, because the points that we harvest from doing so, may be more rewarding than the points we earn from tapping and sitting all day.