Tacloban City— The Preventive Maintenance Project for Secondary Roads at Tacloban City, specifically targeting the Tacloban-Baybay South Road section, spearheaded by the Tacloban City District Engineering Office, has reached a significant milestone, now standing at 75% completion with operations still in progress.

With a total contract amount of Php 8,480.64 and covering a net length of 1.112 lane kilometers, this project is a critical endeavor aimed at enhancing the overall condition and safety standards of this vital transportation route. As of the latest progress update, the project has utilized 63 out of its allocated days for completion.

Project Engineer Ted Bryan Bacor, overseeing the initiative, stated, “We are pleased to announce that the Preventive Maintenance Project for Tacloban-Baybay South Road is steadily progressing and currently stands at 75% completion.”

The project encompasses a range of maintenance activities geared towards preserving and prolonging the lifespan of the roadway infrastructure, including but not limited to resurfacing, repair of potholes, and asphalt overlay. (PR)