MAASIN CITY-An employed member of the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) can access the benefits offered by the healthcare agency even if their employer fails to pay the monthly premium contribution.

“Delinquent employers will be dealt with separately for their responsibility by sending billing statements with interest and penalty,” said Floyed Patual, PhilHealth manager of Catbalogan.

Patual clarified that the previous process of reckoning a PhilHealth member’s record based on the last three or six months of payment from both the member and employer has been replaced. Instead, the new process simply involves asking if the member has a PhilHealth ID without considering the updated premium contribution payment.

In case the individual does not have a PhilHealth ID yet, they will be assisted through the point-of-service, where they can avail of the PhilHealth package of medical benefits.
According to Romulo Carbonilla, an employee of PhilHealth Maasin, Rowena Dolinog’s case serves as an example of a member whose employer failed to remit contributions. Dolinog, who is 48 years old and from Macrohon town, has not had contributions remitted on her behalf since April 2013.

“She had received benefits after being admitted to the Maasin Maternity and Children’s Hospital during the Holy Week,” Carbonilla said, adding that her category was adjusted from the formal economy to point-of-service.

Misael Paigan, PhilHealth Maasin manager, encouraged the journalists to disseminate the information that members can verify online through the PhilHealth website and report if there were any unpaid months.

“Members themselves should be concerned, verify online, and report to us so that we can investigate,” Paigan said, quickly adding that members and employers in their area of coverage are very religious in their payments.

According to Henry Madula, the PhilHealth manager in Ormoc, voluntary or self-employed members with missed payments can still access PhilHealth benefits if they are hospitalized in an accredited facility. They can simply resume their payments at a later time.
(MMP, PIA Southern Leyte)