Always at the mercy of employers, workers do not have any choice but accept pity increase in their wages. The situation is iniquitous against the poor workers whose labor is always inadequately priced. Here is where the gap between the rich and poor emanates. Those with the capital are able to build economic wealth and power through the labor of underpaid workers.

The working man is not given fair compensation for his labor keeping him captive to the caprice of the employer. With low wages that fall short to support the basic needs, the working man is trapped in advanced wages and debts that go beyond his earning capacity. The dire situation is aggravated by the constant rise in the prices of goods and services without a parallel increase in wages.

In the guise of alleviating the impoverished condition of workers, government facilitated the pegging of wage increases through the wage board in every region. The board sets the figure of the wage increase for the workers in the region. But the consideration in setting the amount is more for business and employers than the poor workers.

With demanded wage hikes set by workers at levels that could afford decent support of their basic needs, business and employers would readily counter the proposal with direr scenarios that will send workers to unemployment. The demands could hardly be met for it will result in retrenchment of workers and the worse case of closing businesses. The saving option is always for the workers to bow down with rumbling stomachs and abide by the offer of the employers.

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