The latest survey showed that most of our countrymen do not favor PNoy’s resigning from the presidency. These are true-blue patriotic and well-meaning Filipinos who really think deep and have the general welfare of our countrymen in their minds. These are the people who wish to live normal and peaceful lives. These Filipinos generally understand and are very much aware of the ugly repercussions when the President steps down. Eventually if it happens that Pnoy steps down, an allegedly corrupt clan will take over, these nauseating model of a political dynasty, led by the Binay patriarch, Vice President Jojo Binay.
Then another ambitious group who, to do away with Binay assuming the presidency proposed to organize a council of leaders initiated by no less than Jose Pepeng Cojuangco, Pnoy’s uncle(Grrr!) and his wife Margarita, also known as Tingting (aling-aling-ling-ling) which is definitely a violation of our Constitution. Such arrangement certainly will create chaos and disorder which the Filipinos will never gamble.
Motives of these political oppositions are borne out of greed, self-aggrandizement and are nauseatingly salivating for power. Nothing more and nothing less!
They are so in a hurry to grab political power but are clearly unmindful and uncaring of our people’s rights and welfare enshrined in the Constitution. It is simply greed and insatiate hunger for power.
President Noynoy has barely about 400 days in office. In May 2016 the Filipinos will once more exercise their mandate to elect a President. Right at this moment political wannabes for the Presidency have come out – a good sign of our healthy Philippine democracy.
We urge our people to be vigilant. President Noynoy Aquino III should feel inspired that majority of our countrymen do not want him to step down and should continue leading this country well and good.
You greedy and power-hungry politicians stay in the background meanwhile. Step back and wait!!! (Alvin Gz. Arpon)