The Israel prime minister had set a deadline to all people living in the northern part of the Gaza Strip to vacate the area to avoid civilian casualties. This warning was issued as the Israeli Defense Forces had taken been bombarding the territory where the Hamas are situated. The death toll on both sides had been escalating day by day as the bombing continues. So much funds are being wasted in this protracted war and there is no clear indication on who is benefiting from the war.

But some sectors from various parts of the globe are taking sides on who to support. Already, American forces had moved to a strategic position with their aircraft carrier ready to launch near the enemy. Amid the bombings from both sides, the Hamas are reportedly campaigning against the order of the Israeli forces for people to vacate the target area of their next offensive. Such move is seen as a strategy by the Hamas to continue using civilians as human shield.

There is a valid concern among the people about the huge budget to bankroll this war. It may be better if the funds are allocated for humanitarian programs that would benefit the people in that war-torn area. This senseless war that results in the mass killings that include innocent people is indeed abominable. It is an act that is contrary to the will of God and the warring leaders need to heed the call of the affected people who are the hapless casualties of the conflict.

But the great concern is whether the deadline could indeed be beaten by the people who are forced to flee on foot. Media reporters covering the war opine that it is humanly impossible to beat the ultimatum for people moving on foot with their entire family to reach to the northern portion of the territory.

The nagging question is when will the war end and peace be achieved. Why do people engage in war if the desire is peace?
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