There used to be this store in Downtown Tacloban with a Chinese-sounding name that sold imported products. Additionally, it includes a broad selection of things, including everything from garments to sweets to imagined sauces.

My grandfather warned me that purchasing from that store was not a patriotic act.
Patriotism is a feeling of love, devotion, and loyalty to one’s country. It is not only about fighting wars or defending the nation from external threats, but also about caring for the well-being and prosperity of the country and its people. Patriotism can be expressed in many ways, such as respecting the national symbols, celebrating the national holidays, honoring the national heroes, and following the laws and regulations. However, one of the most important and practical ways of showing patriotism is by supporting the local products and industries.

Buying local products means choosing goods that are made in the Philippines by Filipino workers and entrepreneurs. It has many benefits for the country and its citizens, such as:

• It boosts the economy and creates more jobs. When we buy local products, we help the local businesses grow and expand. This in turn increases the demand for labor and creates more employment opportunities for Filipinos. Buying local products also generates more income and tax revenue for the government, which can be used to fund public services and infrastructure projects.

• It protects the environment and preserves the natural resources. When we buy local products, we reduce the carbon footprint and environmental impact of our consumption. Local products have less transportation costs and emissions than imported products, which often travel long distances and use more fuel and packaging. Buying local products also supports the sustainable use of the natural resources, such as land, water, and minerals, that are abundant in the Philippines.

• It promotes the culture and identity of the Philippines. When we buy local products, we appreciate and celebrate the diversity and richness of the Filipino culture and heritage. Local products reflect the creativity, innovation, and craftsmanship of the Filipino people. They also showcase the unique flavors, colors, and styles of the different regions and provinces of the country. Buying local products helps us preserve and promote our culture and identity to ourselves and to the world.

True patriotism is buying our own , so our own workers and economy can live.
Therefore, buying local products is a way of expressing patriotism that does not involve going to war or risking one’s life. It is a way of loving our country by supporting its development, protecting its environment, and promoting its culture. It is a way of showing that we are proud to be Filipinos and that we care for our fellow Filipinos. Buying local products is not only good for ourselves, but also for our country.