Now that we are faced with the anticipated local transmission of the COVID-19 outbreak, fake news creators should not ride on the issue and spread their lies so that our countrymen could be properly guided and informed about things to do, things to avoid, and things to expect.
There should be no place for jokes, for lies, for pranks in our midst, then. We are facing a serious dilemma—a killer virus that is now paralyzing the entire world. It is severely affecting all facets of society, particularly the word economy, creating abnormal scenarios in many parts of the world. Resorts and hotels are closing shop; transportation sectors are stopping their operations; schools are suspending their classes; workers are losing jobs; businesses are getting bankrupt; and above all, people are suffering and dying.
All these are causing panic and chaos. Institutions throughout the world are already grappling with the ill-effects of the disease. If they add to these false pieces of information, then all the more that society will become chaotic. Spreading fake information relative to all these will not help, but will instead worsen the problems. But, as the virus spreads, so do these false updates that mislead people, that complicate things.
These fake news creators, we understand, find pleasure in fooling people. But if they must do this, let it be on other matters only. When it comes to COVID-19, they must refrain from spreading falsehood, especially updates that give people false hopes, false guidance, and false knowledge. They have also loved ones that could be affected by their lies. We then hope that, in this time of crisis, only the truths would come out.