In the wake of the 6.5 magnitude quake

TACLOBAN CITY- About 100 buildings across the city are to be inspected by a composite team after the city was hit by a 5.9 magnitude tremor on Tuesday (April 23).
This was disclosed by Engineer Felipe Picardal, acting assistant city engineer, who said that since they have started their inspections immediately after the occurrence of the tremor, they have so far checked 15 structures across the city.
And so far, most of these structures have shown some cracks, ranging from minor to severe damage, Picardal said during a press conference on Thursday (April 25).
He said that they are recommending to the owners of these establishments to conduct repairs to ensure the stability and safety of their users.
Among those who first to comply with this order of the city government was the management of XYZ Hotel, Picardal said.
The inspection of these structures were triggered by the 6.5 magnitude earthquake that hit region with the jolt felt in Tacloban City at Intensity V.
Several buildings, to include business establishments, in the city have shown some damages like cracks on their walls and ceilings.
Mayor Cristina Romualdez, in a press conference on Thursday (April 25), said that she has to create the said composite team to ensure that all public buildings and establishments in the city are safe in the wake of the tremor.
“We should ensure that these buildings are safe for our people. Otherwise, if I will not direct an inspection for these buildings and something happen, I will be held accountable being the mayor of the city,” the city mayor said.
Among the buildings that was checked was the Asian Development Foundation College (ADFC).
On Wednesday (April 24), the city government issued a cease and desist order addressed to the school management after findings some cracks.
But its president, Edward Chua, said that there is no need for such an order be issued against them.
He added that they are now undergoing some repairs on the cracks that developed in some parts of the school’s buildings.
“We are already doing our part. We are also after the safety of our students. We will not open until the repairs are completed,” Chua said.