Wealth and power great concealers of one’s true personality. These characteristics could be used to produce a make-believe image or situation too different from the real one. In many instances, the wealthy and powerful could easily conceal, chiefly their riches as they can make it appear that they are not wealthy and do not own the riches they really own. They have the capacity to publish tales on all media platforms to convince the public on how rich they really are. Even the records of their wealth are easily kept under fictitious names to ensure that they could not be held liable under the law.

What is appalling is their use of such tactics to evade their responsibilities, chief, from the payment of the right taxes. They too are able to get rid from paying the rightful wages and salaries of their workers. They have that ready excuse that they are incapable to giving what is due their workers for they are not earning enough from their businesses where their workers are working with their sweat and blood. They have the connection to influence the government offices tasked to enforce workers’ wages.

In times when workers are begging even for a meager increase in their wages, the rich would easily deny the workers’ plea and show them how they too are hard-up financially. With such story, workers could never expect any positive response to their asking. It would even make the workers believe the story of make-believe and pity their employers who are in dire financial condition, hoping that the condition will be true as told so that they may see the day when their employer are really in great sufferance.

Seldom do rich people who are greedy change their story that they are in poverty, poorer that they hapless workers. When such turnaround happens, the employer would give some pittance in the form of cheap tokens that they think will assuage their sufferings. The token in kind will be brandished to the public to show that the employers are good and kind to their workers.

But the kindness is just for show so that the public would praise the employers for their purported kindness. It would reinforce their tale that they are truly impoverished but are empathic to their workers’ needs. People would then retell their story are commend such employers who kept their secret of wealth and influence. These people have the temerity of using God in their show of piousness and religiosity. But before the eyes of the true omnipotent and omnipresent God, their acts are nothing but a master’s show.
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