ORMOC CITY-Unidentified suspects bludgeoned a man to death while he was escorting a lady friend at about 4:40 am on June 28, in Barangay Payao, Villaba in Leyte.

Villaba Chief of Police, Major Edwin Tolibas identified the victim as alias “Johnny,” 33, and a resident of Brgy. Cagnocot, also in the said town.

The local police received a call from a concerned citizen reporting a shooting incident in the area.

Upon receiving the information, officers immediately proceeded to the location to verify the report and conduct an investigation. Upon arrival, they found the victim in a grassy area below the barangay road, shouting and struggling to stand.

The responding officers quickly requested the Villaba MDRRMO for evacuation assistance.

At around 4:45 am, the MDRRMO team arrived and transported the victim to Villaba Community Hospital. However, the victim was pronounced dead upon arrival at 5:24 am by attending physician Dr. Demetrio Lagunzad III.

Initial investigations revealed that the victim was accompanied by alias “Sarah” and they were walking from a disco party in Brgy. Payao towards the national road when a man suddenly emerged from behind them.

The attackers pointed a gun of unknown caliber at the victim’s back, ordered him to stop, and then assaulted him with a blunt object.

Dr. Razo, who conducted the post-mortem examination, disclosed that the cause of death was severe head injuries, particularly to the left side of the victim’s face up to his jawline.
A thorough investigation is underway to identify the suspects and determine the motive behind the killing. The victim’s body was taken to a local funeral parlor.