NSSDEO, Brgy. Burabud, Laoang, N. Samar– Prior to the construction of a boulevard with seawall in Mapanas, this province, residents of Barangay Del Sur faced a situation where uncontrollable waves crashed into their homes.

Scared of losing their homes, they hurried back and forth to save some properties and tidy up the mess left by disasters. The scenario isn’t the same after its completion, even when the tide shifts and big waves show up, they continue their peaceful routine as if it were a typical day.

Barangay Del Norte has expressed gratitude to the Department of Public Works and Highways—Northern Samar Second District Engineering Office (DPWH-NSSDEO) for providing them protection during period of rising sea levels and powerful wave action.

“I am really grateful for this DPWH project because the locals struggled during times when there was no seawall, particularly during typhoons, and they were taken to the evacuation center. But now, they are undisturbed. Having this kind of project is greatly beneficial since it relieves the residents doubt during bad weather condition or calamities. It’s commendable that you paid attention to this problem in our barangay”, Punong Barangay Erminda T. Longcop stated.

This protection structure project was implemented through the efforts exerted by DPWH-NSSDEO, headed by District Engineer Charlito S. Carlobos and Assistant District Engineer Atty. Arthur Eric L. Sabong, together with Engr. Gil D. Herrera, Jr., Chief of Construction Section, and assigned Project Engineer Arturo C. Corocoto, Jr., to lead the monitoring works carried out at the site and ensure that every method complies with the DPWH’s standards and specifications.

The construction of a 0.434-kilometer lane roadway, 16 sets of solar street lights, 217 meters of Portland Cement Concrete Pavement (PCCP) and seawall structure was carried out by JD Partuza CONSTRUCTION & SUPPLY under the General Appropriations Act (GAA). These features currently provide protection to those who live near the coastal area in Brgy.Del Norte.

In addition to serving as a barrier to human livelihood, this boulevard with seawall values the coastal area that Mapanas has long been proud of.
The protection of landform from further erosion contributes to increase fishing livelihood. Moreover, this project draws local tourists that offer security with solar-powered street lights installed while taking nighttime walks and enjoying the scenic view of ocean and beach. (ZYRA JOY J. CHING,PIO STAFF/PR)