The tragic accident that reportedly killed a tricycle driver and the passenger on the back-rider’s seat and caused serious injuries to the passengers inside the sidecar is too revolting to the public mind. The incident that was caught by a private closed-circuit television (cctv) immediately went viral on social media platforms.

It showed the slow moving tricycle going from the left lane just across the Bagolibas Elementary School in Barangay Bagolibas, Santa Rita, Samar, to its proper right lane to the direction from Tacloban City to Catbalogan City after evading a pothole on the right lane that could cause damage to the vehicle and shake the persons on board.

It was at that instant that a fast moving luxury pick-up car flashed instantly on the opposite direction. The two vehicles were too close on such collision course that there was no clear chance for evasion. The collision was too strong that it threw the tricycle to the air as high as the canopy of the nearby house and store.

Truly, vehicles run with the danger of falling into deep cracks on our highways. The cracks pose real risks to both lives and properties. Traveling along the highways of Samar would give one a scare on many portions of the highway that are badly broken. The cracks are not properly marked with warning signs, sending vehicles to leap at high speed or halt in screeching manner as brakes are abruptly applied to avoid from falling in such holes.

Many motorists had certainly encountered these death traps that could cause vehicles turning turtle at an instant mistake of the driver. Passengers are surely cursing government for pushing them into the edge of road mishaps due to badly broken pavements that have no warning signs. Those who are unfamiliar with such road cracks are caught by surprise upon reaching the brink to perdition. If one is traveling at high speed, the risk of jumping into deep cracks or tumbling off the pavement if very high.

The situation is not beyond repair but government is simply not giving enough attention and priority to such problem. It is unfortunate that many repairs are being done on highway pavements that are seemingly still in good condition while dilapidated portions are being left in such bad condition.

What is lamentable is the absence of road signs that will forewarn motorists of the dangers they are about to pass. Some roadblocks are placed to prevent vehicles from going straight into such cracks but even the roadblocks are unpainted are hardly visible especially at night.

People could only wail every time the vehicle they are riding pass over such deep cracks. While many are complaining in murmurs, nothing is being raised to the attention of concerned agencies. But the problem is very glaring for government officials not to notice. It is really bothersome that government would only act when something bad happens. As long as motorists are able to evade the killer potholes and no accident happens, government officials would not lift a finger to repair such killer potholes.
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