With an improved weather condition recorded in 4th Quarter of 2022, fish unloading in 8 regional fish ports (RFP) complexes showed tangible recovery beginning in November this year.

The fish unloading recovery was recorded by the Philippine Fisheries Development Authority (PFDA) up at 32,091.03 metric tons (MT) in November 2022 from 26,208 MT reported in October of the same year. The breakdown in fish unload per fish port are as follows:

a) Bulan Fish Port (BFPC) – maintained its unloading record for the second consecutive month at 1,201.1 MT for an increase of 150.4 percent rise;

b) Lucena Fish Port Complex (LFPC) – also sustained its positive unloading delivering 1,927.26 MT, considered the highest volume recorded for LFPC);

c) Sua Fish Port (SFP) – recovered from last month’s up 65.2 percent after delivering 206.08 MT. (Note- All RFP’s in Mindanao recorded significant increase in their monthly fish unloading);

d) Davao Fish Port Complex (DFPC) – showed an increase of unloading up 52.4 percent with 371.61 MT from 243.85 MT;

e) Zamboanga Fish Port Complex (ZFPC) – had its fish unloading volume going up by 21.28 percent from 665.04 MT;

f) General Santos Fish Port Complex (GSFPC) – showed a 56.18 percent jump in fish deliveries to17,900.32 MT, equivalent to more than half of the aggregate volume of all ports in November 2022.

Very noticeable that the Visayas is not included among the Fish Ports that the PFDA considered when they reported about the fish unloading statistics report. To be more credible, fish ports in Eastern, Western, and Central Visayas should have been considered as well in the PFDA Report.
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