By the time this goes to print, President Duterte may have finally summoned mayors of the country to Malacañang who appear in the thick list of narco-politicians. This thick list includes some police officers and some officials and even big-time private individuals involved in the drug menace in the country.
All those found to have been proven right to be a narco-politician in the list shall have to “resign or die”, says the President.
Since the President assumed office in June 30, seven months ago some 6,000 people have lost lives, being suspectedly involved in the drug-menace – as user, pusher and a few big time financers of this illegal drug trade.
We already know that what the President says, he does.
Let us therefore, even just as mere citizens of the land actively and collectively unite to stop the drug menace. Let us protect the President from commiting his personel inclination to kill, kill and kill those drug involved suspects . International groups like the United States, United Nations and the European Union have already made a statement condemning the President’s style to stop the drug menace.
The President is sincere. Let him finish his term for we believe that many good, impressive and successful developmnet undertakings are in store for our nation under his watch.