By: Alvin GZ Arpon

“I wish them all the success,” said President Rodrigo R. Duterte when informed of an alleged plot of Filipino-American supporters and aides in the ouster of the president from Malacañang.
Is the President serious with his remarks? Well, he has expressed similar remarks in the past weeks that he is willing to relinquish the presidency anytime, if need be.
Well, after 7 months holding the reins of power in government President Duterte’s administration’s public satisfactory rating has dipped though slightly, but still within a “very good” territory.
But it is also on record that good ratings of Presidents in the past are usually high in the first year but “normally” slides after sometime. The reason is not everybody’s wish can satisfactorily be granted for a thousand reasons – credible reasons at that.
President Duterte, in many occasions would blurt out statements that are at times, unpalatable and unconvincing, only to be told later by him and his spokespersons it was a joke.
This wish that what he expressed for those who are plotting for his ouster to succeed is definitely out of place at this point in our national life.
The convincing majority of Filipinos who voted for him in May expect so much from him. Davao City under Mayor Duterte then has been the point of reference for voters to elect him President of the Philippines. It is already given that Davao was impressively administered by then Mayor Duterte.
It is therefore President Duterte’s mission to accomplish what he promised in his campaign; eradication of graft and corruption, drug menace which appears to be succeeding and a vibrant economy.
We do not believe however that there is a serious plot to oust him from Malacañang. No less than Vice President Leni Robredo said that plans to oust the President will not be good for the nation.
Mr. President just sincerely do your job. Any group who has that destructive plan to oust you, will not succeed.