The picture shows the ongoing construction of Gebulwangan Bridge in Catarman, Northern Samar

CATARMAN, N. Samar- The DPWH-Northern Samar First District Engineering Office is fast-tracking the construction of the Gebulwangan Bridge to address a long-standing concern for the residents of Barangay Gebulwangan and its neighbouring communities, addressing a persistent concern that has lingered for decades.

This two-phase project covers the construction of a road with a 3-Span Reinforced Concrete Deck Girder (RCDG) bridge with a total length of 45 meters with an estimated cost of ₱60 million. It will soon replace the current wooden bridge, offering a safer and more reliable passage for the community.

Residents have long faced challenges navigating the precarious wooden bridge, particularly during inclement weather when it often becomes impassable. The initiation of this construction project marks a significant stride towards ensuring a safer and more reliable connectivity network for the community.

District Engineer Alvin A. Ignacio stated, “The ongoing construction of this bridge exemplifies the district’s commitment to the welfare and development of the communities we serve. It reflects our dedication to providing them with a secure and reliable passage.”

Funded under the GAA 2023 budget, the construction is progressing as scheduled and is expected to be completed within the designated timeframe. The ongoing efforts signify a concrete step towards realizing the community’s dream for improved connectivity.

Once completed, the new concrete bridge will not only facilitate the smooth flow of people and goods on regular days, but will also serve as a resilient lifeline during calamities, ensuring easier access for emergency services of 3 Barangays with an estimated population of almost 3,000.