In the face of the never-ending cycle of violence in some parts of Eastern Visayas, we can’t help but blame it on certain reasons that must have been sustaining it all these years. Why should something continually happen without a cause, without its triggers and sustaining motivation behind it?

As we figure it out, the cycle of violence in the concerned areas must be attributed to certain factors. One of which is poverty and lack of economic opportunities. Many individuals in this region struggle to even meet their basic needs, which can lead to frustration, desperation, and ultimately violence. When individuals feel hopeless and see no way out of their dire circumstances, they may turn to violence as a means of asserting power or control. Take the agrarian disputes for example.

Another contributing factor is their being uneducated. Without proper education, individuals may easily resort to violence to resolve conflicts or address their grievances. Normally, the lack of education leads to ignorance and misunderstanding, which can fuel violence and perpetuate the cycle. In remote areas, for example, people are mostly ignorant about the laws as many of them are unlettered and do not care about legal matters, thus taking the laws into their own hands.

Furthermore, social and political norms in Eastern Visayas can also play a role in perpetuating the cycle of violence. Gender inequality, patriarchal attitudes, and a culture of silence around issues of abuse can all contribute to the prevalence of violence in the region. These social scenarios can create a permissive environment for violence to occur unchecked, leading to a cycle of abuse and violence that is difficult to break. Add to this a hostile political environment, and you have a fertile ground for violence.

Overall, the cycle of violence in some parts of Eastern Visayas stems from a combination of economic, social, and political factors. Addressing these would involve improving access to education, promoting economic opportunities, challenging harmful social and political norms, and providing support for those affected by violence. We hope to break the cycle of violence and create a safer, more peaceful environment for the people of Eastern Visayas.