With the rigid reality of our Educational Curricula , where traditional learning is school based and tinkering on the usual crowded repetition of English , Science , Math and the likes. What if we go to non traditional programs delving on performances like singing, painting and even other arts.

When Tagalog was offered at Harvard as an elective , we saw a new school of thought, one that broke away from the mold. University of the Philippines followed with On line Courses offered to different age group of learners at different months ( not the usual semester), we saw a new pathway of learning.

We may be so rigid on the traditionals that we forgot that man is an artist not only a scientist.

We maybe governed by the rote and routinely mundane things but we are satisfied with performance and art as a fulfilling medium of our humanity.

That is why, I see and suggest to have a reawakening of the arts, performance not merely technical and trade related skills but arts and music and films perhaps.

We need to make songs for others. We need to weave , we need to paint not for our grades but to add to the tapestry of the bigger story in which humanity can be pleased.

As we go into the LENT, we can relived Jesus passion by the arts, by theatre, by painting depicting His love.

And I do believe Arts, Performances, are as vital as the subjects we consume everyday.
That it actually enhances and nourishes our humanity.

And that it must be of primacy that we see these constructs as necessary staple that would raise our love for life itself.

Thus, Special Program of the Arts, of Sports and the likes must also be al college mainstays.

It’s a way of touching base to who we are, humans, artists, children of God , that could glorify Him with skills not just for living but also for loving.