People’s mobility, of all activities in society, is one of the heavily affected activities as the coronavirus pandemic rages on, causing delays and paralysis of schedules that result in economic and financial bankruptcy to various sectors, groups, and individuals.
Since the pandemic’s intensity differs from place to place, the imposed restrictions likewise vary. If one travels from one place to another, then, one may go through a lot and varying protocols to observe aside from the basic ones. This causes much confusion and additional expenses that could ruin one’s trip.
Even if one has been fully vaccinated, it is not a guarantee that one will not anymore be required to undergo swab testing or quarantines, especially if one enters critical areas with high cases of the virus. Imagine ending up in quarantine facilities when you only have a few day’s travel with a limited budget! Isn’t that disgusting, paralyzing, and bothersome?
Somehow, we cannot also blame those places that impose strict restriction policies as they just want to limit the spread of the virus and contain the disease. Nor can we criticize those areas that implement fewer restrictions as they just want to revive economic activities and hopefully restore normalcy of people’s daily chores.
Indeed, we are in the most confusing situations now, the policies being unpredictable and chaotic. All of us were caught unaware, unprepared for this pandemic, hence the chaos it brings about to our midst. May it depart soon, as sudden as it came.