CALBAYOG CITY- Mayor Ronald Aquino said that he will give focus of the city’s tourism and agriculture as among his priorities to help boost Calbayog’s economy and provide employment to its people.

In a press conference, Aquino said that as part of his desire to attract tourists to the city, road concreting is being done to areas where tourist sites are located. Calbayog boasts several waterfalls that could be its top tourist attractions. But lack of access roads leading to these sites hinder for tourists to visit them. “I believe that through the development of tourism, many of my constituents will be employed,” said Aquino. While in agriculture, Aquino informed that trainings and seminars were made available for the farmers in the city. The city government also made available the continued support it can offer such as the distribution of equipment for the farmers to augment their income. Aquino said hundred units of fishing boats from the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) are to be distributed to the marginalized fishermen in the city. The city was also able to received P1 million as counterpart from the BFAR. The amount will be added to the city own funds for the fishing gears to be distributed to fishermen, Aquino said.

Meantime, Mayor Aquino said that they are doing their best to attract investors to the city. For one, they grant a 5-year incentive to those who will invest in the city. Second, they also give available lots to some government agencies for their district offices to be situated in the city such as Bureau of Internal Revenue and Procurement. The city government also offered an office space for PAG-IBIG and Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) which allots P80, 000 daily for the indigents of the city.  Mayor Aquino said that their city is still IRA (internal revenue allotment) dependent and that whatever meager resources are used to fund project necessary for the development of the city and the improvement of lives of the people. (LIZBETH ANN A. ABELLA)