If everything in society will cease normal operations and reduce human beings to nothing, we’ll have no choice but to go back to the basics of survival.
It can be noted that, as time passed by, human inventions and discoveries had pampered people so much that, instead of helping, they had spoiled the latter who, in turn, had become so dependent they can no longer carry out tasks the traditional way. They can’t walk down short distances anymore, can’t write with their pens on paper, can’t peel off fruit and vegetable skins manually, can’t do this, can’t do that, without using technological breakthroughs intended for various activities.
In short, with the advent of cutting-edge breakthroughs, humans had become too lazy, pampered, and spoiled. Come that day when these things are withdrawn from them, they would end up helpless, unable to survive and live on.
Unfortunately for them, there are unusual phenomena sometimes that could deprive them of these technological advancements. Either these things will malfunction, or they won’t anymore be available for reasons such as non-production or the like. Man-made as well as natural calamities could cause such stoppage and paralysis of operations. What happens next is the desperate struggle of people to survive. For having been dependent upon inventions through the years, they find it hard to do so.
Take, for instance, the disruptive effects to societal operations of this COVID-19. China has been severely affected their multifarious activities are now paralyzed under all institutions. From public transport to manufacturing of goods, etc., operations are almost stopped. To think that China is the maker of almost everything we use in daily activities, the entire world is likewise affected, not to mention the fact that the virus has already spread all over the world.
In the absence or paralysis of technology we have been dependent upon, what shall we do to survive and continue on with our lives? If processed food products are no longer available, if grocery items are all gone, if gadgets are no longer functional, if internet providers no longer operate, if gadgets will run out of signals, if the internet will no longer work, what shall we do to survive?
The answer to all this is to go back to the basics of human existence. How did the ancients lead their lives? How did they overcome the heat, the cold, the long travel distances, the need to preserve foodstuffs, the absence of cosmetics, the need to document their experiences, the necessity to plant crops, the hygienic demands, the production of medicines, the manufacture of hardware materials, etc.?
Well, they lived simply, by just addressing their basic needs such as food, shelter, and clothing. This could be the formula that we have to adopt in order to survive. To live simply, to forget about the complexities inventions and discoveries had afforded us with.