President Rodrigo Roa Duterte has recently declared that the illegal drug menace of our land will become an issue of the past already when he ends his term as Chief Executive of the land in 2022. Our youths the future leader of the country will be safe from this ugly happening that effectively cripple their future.
Of course we will all be happy if it gets realized. The illegal drug menace in our land has practically wrecked havoc over many of our youths’ future as victims of drug addiction.
Human rights groups however have revealed that the anti-illegal drug campaign created some unacceptable effects in the process. They exposed the terrible results in thousands of people (70,000?) a good number of them only suspected victims who were killed, though unproven yet, so innocent. The president criticized human rights-group of these exposes.
These human rights groups are simply doing their role in our democratic society. But if they indeed violated our laws in exposing these alleged extra judicial killings, then government can simply charge them in our courts and be punished accordingly based on our democratic standards.
If the President committed unlawful moves or has seemingly abused authority he must simply review what happened and make adjustments in the anti-illegal drug campaign.
It is as simple as that. But based on our observation, in all these four years as leader of the land the President has shown one of his weaknesses that of his being so sensitive to criticisms. Whenever he hears criticisms he immediately gets angry. Well…… and So….!!