Dr. Paciente Cordero

The Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) researchers pride themselves for their successful (100%) field trial of the African Swine Fever (ASF) conducted in 6 selected piggery farms in Luzon.

Per BAI findings, after the 21-day field trial 100percent of the test-pigs developed/produced antibodies against ASF indicating the animals protection from the disease. BAI officials happily announced that the 100 % success of the ASF vaccine field trial boosts the government’s efforts to combat the ASF, a menace to the piggery industry.

Assistant Director Arlene Vytiaco said that BAI is awaiting for the Food and Drug (FDA) to issue a certificate of product registration and production, a prelude to the manufacture of Philippine brand of ASF vaccine. This will dispel the apprehension about the 600,000 doses only of ASF vaccine imported from Vietnam this year. The 2023 importation of 600,000 doses is not enough for the country’s to protect the present swine population, even if importation of the vaccine is forthcoming in 2024.

Once BAI is given the green light to mass produce the vaccine, the Department of Agriculture (DA) has yet to decide whether the “ASF vaccine will be given for free or shouldered by the hog raisers.”

Already, the hog raisers have voiced concerns over the anticipated price of the Philippine (BAI) produced ASF vaccine believed much costly compared to the present commercial vaccines that are less than P100 per vial!

I call the BAI researchers (veterinary medicals) breakthrough in combatting the ASF disease vaccine as shot-in-the-arm to the hog raisers of the country. The only hump that the government has to hurdle is to sell Philippine-made ASF vaccine at a price affordable to the predominantly backyard owner-type of hog raisers. The Legislators should pass a law that will entitle them to free ASF vaccine.
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