Once again, we are into this graduation season in the country, affording our parents, graduates, and even teachers with mixed emotions as they go through these rites called graduation exercises.

This is a season known as a significant event as it not only marks the end of a school year, but it also signifies a new beginning for our graduates. It is a time where students from all levels celebrate their achievements and are recognized for their hard work and dedication. From kindergarten to college level, graduation season is a time that Filipinos cherish and look forward to.

One of the highlights of graduation season is the graduation ceremony. It is an essential part of the celebration, where students, family, and friends gather in a hall or auditorium to witness the graduates receive their diplomas. Graduates wear traditional graduation attire such as caps and gowns, signifying their academic achievement. The ceremony also includes speeches from honored guests, valedictorians, and salutatorians, commemorating the students’ accomplishments.

Graduation day is also an opportunity for Filipinos to celebrate with their families and friends. It is common for graduates to host a graduation party or a simple get-together to celebrate their achievements. This celebration involves sumptuous food, pictures, and sometimes, performances from the graduates. Families and friends show their support by giving gifts and offering congratulations to the graduates.

Indeed, graduation is a milestone that marks the start of a new chapter. For some, it means gaining greater opportunities, while for others, it may symbolize a chance to give back to their communities. It is a time where individuals are filled with hope and excitement for their future endeavors; a time to celebrate academic achievements, to show appreciation to those who have supported and cheered them on, and to look at the future with optimism and determination.