Legislators were already at the Session Hall of the House of Representatives at 3 o’clock in the afternoon patiently waiting for the President of the Republic to arrive who will deliver his 5th State of the Nation Address. The SONA is an annual official duty of the Chief Executive to inform the Filipino people, the state of the nation under his leadership – where it is now in the area of economic development, peace and security, etc. to include where it will going in the last two years of President Noynoy Aquino’s reign of power and responsibility.
That was Monday, July 28, 2014.
Another very important aspect for the head of state in our democratic nation to deliver a state of the nation address is to urge and to seek filing and approval from the law making body to pass laws for legal support to proposed projects of the President that will benefit the nation.
While waiting for the President’s SONA we already had our tv sets at home on as early as 2p.m. The SONA was delivered at 4pm right on the dot as announced by both Malacañang and Legislature. This by itself is an impressive sense of value on the part of the President who came on time.
A few minutes before the President entered the session hall seven Congressmen/women representing Party List groups staged a dramatic and surely a shameful walk out right in front of the Congregation of lawmakers before the podium where the Senate President and the Speaker will jointly preside.
To me it was nauseatingly of real bad taste. It was an ugly expression of disrespect that can only be done by people who have not gone to school. It was the highest level of insult to the highest official of the land. They displayed unwholesome bad character.
They should have employed other strategies to express their sentiments. The Legislature is the right venue for it but not on special occasions like hosting for the President. They could have simply delivered Privilege Speeches, which in the first place they are entitled to, in one of their daily sessions that regularly lasts 100 days.
Come to think of this. What have these Party List representatives really done to the party lists they represent? That to us is more relevant. They should spend time in telling their groups that they represent, what they have done and will still be doing for them.. Grand standing like they did is abhorrent. Think Party List rep!
By the way they are the prime movers to impeach President Aquino. C”mon!