TACLOBAN CITY – Vice President Sara Duterte urged the people of Eastern Samar to support the campaign of the government against communist insurgency and at the same time, always be prepared during a calamity.

Duterte, who is also the Secretary of Education, made this appeal during her visit to Borongan City on Wednesday (Nov.9) for the 57th founding anniversary of the province.
The Vice President lauded the resiliency of the people of Eastern Samar in facing challenges brought by natural disasters like what happened nine years ago when it was battered by Super Typhoon Yolanda.’

She said that it is imperative for areas like Eastern Samar, which is prone to typhoons, to be cognizant of the environmental hazard and security risks that threaten its people and hamper its growth.

“We intend to avoid deaths during natural disasters and reduce their destructive impact on our communities,” Duterte said.

“We need an advanced weather forecasting system and scientists dedicated to disaster management to achieve this,” VP Duterte added.

“But science alone will not prevent deaths, community awareness, disaster reduction, education in our school, disaster preparedness, and inefficient local warning system will help us become resilient to natural disasters in other words, collective action,” she further said.

Aside from problems with natural calamities, the province is also facing insurgency problem that affects development and destroys lives even among civilians.
“And may I call on everyone to protect the security and peace of your province against the local terrorist group,” she asked.

To succeed in the campaign against insurgency, the Vice President said that there should be cooperation between the government and its people.