From having had a pattern based on yearly trends, the weather nowadays has seemingly become unpredictable so people with scheduled activities suddenly end up frustrated because they can’t push through with their appointments.

Last Thursday, the sun finally showed up after days and weeks of hiding behind the profusely weeping clouds. This held true in many parts of Leyte and Samar, but when night came, heavy downpours came back, the rains extending into the stretch of the night, thus sort of reviving the prolonged rainy days that had characterized the recent weather system.
In cases like these, the sectors that are directly and heavily affected are those whose occupations are at the mercy of weather conditions. Foremost among them are the farmers whose plants and crops may not survive through continuous rains, especially if they get submerged in floodwaters. While some crops prove non-sensitive to rain, others can’t stand being soaked in water for a long time, just like the root crop gabi and some others. With their crops destroyed, farmers lose a lot.

The fishermen also belong to these sectors who depend on good weather conditions for survival. Under the cold, rainy weather, they can’t take to the sea, especially those with little bancas, or else they would suffer from cold-related ailments. Also, there seemingly are marine creatures that tend to go deeper into the ocean amid rainfall and are then impossible to catch. That’s why some fishermen just do not go out to sea when rains are frequent.

Good for those whose livelihoods can go on regardless of the weather systems outside. Teachers, office workers, and store owners are but a few examples of these people. It pays to be working away from too much exposure to the sun and rain, as they can proceed with life’s activities almost unaffected. Good for them.