Every time the month of December comes, we find ourselves overwhelmed with so many concerns that are not quite common during the rest of the year. We are back to that time of the year now.

For one, it entails many expenses to incur for the entire family. Household members who are yet studying have to attend their school Christmas parties that usually solicit contributions. They, too, have to buy gifts for the exchange of gifts. And if the parties prescribe certain costumes, then they would have to spend much for said outfits.

December, moreover, makes people extremely busy. Families become busy with various preparations as each person in the family gets to attend not just one, but several Christmas parties, depending on the offices, organizations, and groups that they are associated with. Concerned individuals and groups attend their respective appointments, all having to do with the biggest celebration of the year.

Not just the busiest, and the most expensive, but the month, fortunately, is the most joyful time of the year. People normally tend to be happy during this time, from adults down to small children. There’s just that prevailing spirit that makes people happy, and that obviously is due to the fact that God’s Son was born to become the savior of mankind.

Since it’s the busiest, the nosiest, the most joyous, and the most cash-draining time of the year, we must therefore prepare for it—as individuals, as families, as communities, and as a nation. We must brace for untoward incidents, such as health impairment brought about by sumptuous foods, street revelries that involve firecrackers, troubles that come from drunkenness, and even the accumulation of garbage from too many festivities.