WE need to be clear about this very fundamental truth of our Christian faith. We are meant to be like Christ for the simple reason that he is the very pattern of our humanity and the savior of our damaged humanity. Everything in our life should be made an occasion, a means, a reason to pursue that goal of ours.

We have to be wary of getting trapped in the technicalities of our temporal affairs that would desensitize us from this ultimate purpose of our life here on earth. If ever, these technicalities, while given our utmost attention and care, should only be a way to become more and more like Christ.

Especially in these days of the new technologies that can so mesmerize us as to be wholly dominated by them, we need to develop a certain mechanism that would always keep us in the proper spiritual and supernatural outlook in this life. In other words, we need to be real contemplatives even while immersed in the things of the world. The ideal is to have an abiding intimacy with Christ.

One clear way is to be and to do everything with Christ and for Christ. That’s because Christ is everywhere. Being God, he is the foundation of all reality. We are not fantasizing if we look for him everywhere to find, love and serve him. And being God who became man, he offers us “the way, the truth and the life” proper for us.

What can be very helpful in this regard is to develop the practice of saying ejaculatory prayers or aspirations all throughout the day. They are very helpful in quickly and easily putting ourselves in Christ’s presence, especially when we immerse ourselves deeply in the things of the world as we ought.

They help us relate ourselves and everything that happens to us to Christ, again as we ought. They help us in keeping a spiritual and supernatural outlook as we go through the different events of the day. In short, they help in keeping us spiritually alive, and not just alive in the body and to the world.

They help us see things better in the sense that we just would not see them with our senses and our human understanding alone, but also and more importantly with our faith, which is what is ideal and proper to us. They somehow put us in an intimate relation with Christ. With them we will never feel alone nor distant from Christ.

My personal experience with ejaculatory prayers shows that they are very helpful even in making me calm and rested even in the middle of a tense situation for the mind or for the body. They help in making me breathe more deeply and thus give some relief.
Also, not to forget is that they are very helpful in protecting and defending us from temptations and sin. They make the spiritual combat and ascetical struggle, so unavoidable in life, more manageable.

They also help in preparing us for the more serious forms in our relationship with Christ as when we have to do our prayers, our sacrifices and our recourse to the sacraments.
We should all do our best to make it a habit to say ejaculatory prayers often during the day. Any short and earnest expression of our faith and piety will do. And also in this regard, the many vocal prayers that are already available can be very useful. The “Our Father’s,” “Hail Mary’s” and “Glory be’s” are truly helpful.