Why these break-up is like no other ?

The KathNiel breakup is a hot topic that has dominated the news and social media in the Philippines. Many fans and followers of the popular love team are shocked and saddened by the news that Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla have ended their 11-year relationship. Some are also curious about the alleged involvement of Andrea Brillantes, a younger actress who is rumored to be the third party in the breakup.

The KathNiel breakup has also sparked various reactions and opinions from different sectors of the society. Some people are supportive and understanding of the couple’s decision, while others are critical and judgmental of their actions. Some people are also concerned about the impact of the breakup on the future of the love team and the showbiz industry.

The KathNiel breakup has also created problems with Filipinos in terms of their values and attitudes. Some of the problems are:

• The KathNiel breakup has exposed the fanaticism and idolatry of some Filipinos who are obsessed with the love team and their personal lives. Some fans have resorted to bashing, harassing, and threatening the couple and the alleged third party online. Some fans have also denied and refused to accept the reality of the breakup, clinging to false hopes and rumors. Some fans have also blamed and criticized the couple for breaking their hearts and betraying their trust.

• The KathNiel breakup has also revealed the lack of respect and privacy of some Filipinos who are intrusive and insensitive to the couple and their families. Some people have spread and believed in fake news and gossip about the breakup without verifying the facts and sources. Some people have also demanded and expected the couple to explain and justify their breakup to the public, as if they owe them an explanation. Some people have also interfered and meddled in the couple’s personal affairs, giving unsolicited advice and opinions.

• The KathNiel breakup has also shown the influence and power of the media and the showbiz industry on the Filipinos’ perception and behavior. Some people have idealized and romanticized the love team and their relationship, forgetting that they are also human beings who have flaws and problems. Some people have also imitated and followed the love team and their lifestyle, losing their sense of identity and individuality. Some people have also prioritized and valued the love team and their entertainment over more important and relevant issues in the society.

After a few months or so , it will be the reconciliation of these two that will hog the limelight and would create a blockbuster movie. It may be something that would be up for a show and untrue , but trust me the popularity will be very hard to resist . The same phenomena like the tsunami of engagement it has today needs to be monetized, then I will be writing the KathNiel United, again. Hopefully, yet, or its just me, hoping!