TACLOBAN CITY’S BET FOR MISS UNIVERSE-PHILIPPINES. Tamara Ocier won over 13 equally beautiful women for the chance to represent Tacloban at the Miss Universe Philippines national beauty pageant. Also declared as major winner was Yoshabel Lebico who won the Miss Philippines crown. Photo shows the two crowned beauty queens with their court.(MISOSSOLOGY PHILIPPINES)

TACLOBAN CITY – The city’s official candidate for the Miss Universe Philippine 2024 pageant was finally crowned in a glittering coronation night held at Tacloban Astrodome on Wednesday (Jan.31).

Winning the title as the first Miss Universe Philippines Tacloban was Tamara Ocier who bested 13 other candidates who tried their luck to win the crown that will give them a ticket to represent the city in the country’s biggest beauty pageant, the Miss Universe Philippines.

“I believe one thing that is permanent is love because love conquers everything. If you love something, it pushes you to what you love, and if you really want something you put your mind into it and make a way to achieve it no matter what because determination and commitment on love makes our goals not only a possibility but a certainty,” Ocier’s winning answer to the final question asked by host KC Montero, “In a world that everything is temporary, what is your permanent?

Ocier also won best in swimwear, Miss RD Pawnshop, and Miss Kotex awards.

Meanwhile, Yoshabel Lebico was crowned as The Miss Philippine Tacloban.

“In a world where everything is temporary, I think my permanent is to use my voice to promote my cause and that cause is to promote my advocacy which is basic education and literacy. For I am a firm believer of education of the many which transform the lives of the many, open doors for opportunity, and break the cycle of poverty,” was Lebico answer to the final question.

She also bagged the Miss Pixelenz, Mario Roca’s choice, Miss Goldilocks, and Miss Calista special award.

Completing the court were Margarette Odiver (1st runner-up) who also won the best in evening gown, miss photogenic, miss beshe, miss Toyota, and Alberca’s dental ambassadress; Nesylvie Dupal (2nd runner-up) who bagged the Miss Granda Manor, Miss Drake’s, and Miss Elcarte I.D.E.A.S special awards; Jialyn (3rd runner-up) and also won the Castila David Surgi Ambassadress special award; and Edlynne Yu (4th runner-up) and also won the Best in Modern Filipiniana, and Miss Wok Eat Out.

Other winners were Arianna Metran for best advocacy video, Henedine Brosas for Miss Personality, Miss Congeniality, and Miss Saint’s travel, Princess Aguila as Pet Haven ambassadress and Miss MWJ, Jane Agao who won the Miss Elevate special award, Jara Encina for Miss Ninth Beauty, Camille Lawsin for Miss Capital Tiago, Trisha Babon for Miss EAC Construction, Arianna Metran for Miss Pixel Eater, and Jeansy Zepeda for Miss Funbox.
Judges who selected the winners include Miss Universe Philippines National Director Shamcey Supsup-Lee, Miss Universe Philippines Creative Partnerships, Llyod Peter Lee, Bb Pilipinas Intercontinental 2022 Gabrielle Basiano, Bulacan Vice Governor Alex Castro and his wife, actress Sunshine Garcia, and actress/tv host Karla Estrada.