The Leyte 2nd District Engineering Office is constructing spur dikes along the Daguitan-Marabong River. The P63.37 million worth project aim to mitigate flooding and protect farm lands.( L2DEO)

TACLOBAN CITY-To build a safer future and enhance flood control measures, the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) – Leyte 2nd District Engineering Office (L2DEO) is constructing spur dikes along the portion of the Daguitan-Marabong River basin in Barangay Batug Dulag, Leyte.

The construction of spur dikes along the Daguitan-Marabong River project with a total allocation of P63.37 million is currently underway in its final stage and despite of heavy rains, the fast-approaching completion of the project aimed to safeguard the lives of residents, and mitigate the impact of flooding and protect agricultural lands.

According to District Engineer Leo Edward Oppura, as part of the department’s commitment to improving flood control measures and ensuring the safety of the public, “we aim to improve the overall efficiency of flood control systems and reduce the risks associated with severe weather events, especially during the rainy season.”

“These structures play a vital role in protecting communities, minimizing property damage, and enhancing the overall resilience of our infrastructure. This coordinated effort will ensure that the construction is aligned with the needs and priorities of the affected communities” he said.

The DPWH assures the public that the spur dikes structure will be implemented with the highest standards of quality, safety, and environmental sustainability.

Likewise, prioritize the protection of the environment and remain committed to delivering infrastructure projects that prioritize public safety to the communities.

The completion of 873 cubic meter of concrete slope protection, structural steel sheet piles furnished and driven, grouted riprap, and gabions will serve to redirect water flow, prevent erosion, and effectively manage flooding in times of excessive rains, the DPWH said.