The need for guidance on where to find the source of assistance is vital for those in need. One cannot waste time roaming around especially when the needed help is crucial for ones survival. A delay in finding critical help may be a matter of life and death. People need to be given direction and be able to know the source of assistance. This is so in biblical times when the sheep knows the voice of the shepherd and the shepherd knows his sheep.

Going through the tales in the sacred scripture will show us how the sheep recognizes his shepherd from whose graces the sheep depends. The relationship is too close that the shepherd is willing to offer his life for his sheep. In one episode, the shepherd left his flock just to find one lost sheep. The setting demonstrates God’s love for every sheep, ensuring that not one will go astray, and if lost, shall be searched and brought back to his flock.

In our present times, people obtain assistance from politicians acting as leaders of their constituents. There is help for the people in need once the person finds the source of assistance. One must learn to find the right direction in order to obtain the needed help.

The great difference in the recognitions of the source of assistance is the fact that the politician appears as the source when in fact it is the people’s taxes that serve as the real owner of the assistance. Here is where the people is deceived by the real source of the sound.
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