Forget about his foul-language – invectives thrown to Catholic leaders, and other unpalatable remarks which we should already now be used to, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte struck it out right at the nail’s head reminding government leaders and employees to do their jobs with sincerity and in all honesty.
He emphasized that they must report to office on time and be in the office for the whole duration without spending part of the day’s work guiltlessly gallivanting around, or else..!Reports have reached him that many of these employees do it already as a bad habit.
Indeed, employees who do this are short-changing government by being paidfull salary for the whole day.
The President was in Sta. Elena in the city to visit and inspect the housing projects intended for Typhoon Yolanda victims.
To many this may just be an ordinary sound bite of a reminder. But since it came from this President, who really means what he says the call registers and effectively seepsinto the hearts and minds of government workers because the Presidentexpressed them with convincing authority and that they know President really mean it, that if they will justtake this lightly, they know it will be dangerous for them, knowing the President.