Towns and big cities are homes to people with ill motives, such as snatching people’s valuables, especially in crowded areas. Tacloban, being a highly urbanized center, is one of them; hence the constant reports that here and there, cases of theft, robbery, and snatching in broad daylight do occur. It’s not to discourage and scare visitors who for various reasons are flocking to Tacloban City. We just want to caution everyone to be extra careful because when the city gets crowded, bad elements likewise mingle with crowds to prey on unsuspecting victims. These burglars are not necessarily native to this place; many of them come from other places. If you are not vigilant enough while enjoying the sights, activities, and all, you will just be shocked to discover that you already lost your wallet, or mobile phone, or jewelry, etc. Why, these are the things that pickpockets and snatchers are running after. They are difficult to identify as they may look harmless or ordinary passers-by, but at the wink of an eye, when opportunities warrant, they attack with subtlety, their cunning undetected till it’s too late. Dangling earrings, expensive watches, gold bracelets, and necklaces, to name a few, catch these people’s attention. For sure, these are bodily embellishments that augment beauty and elegance. But if you have all these while roaming around the city, you are at the same time inviting disaster to yourself. Good if you have some companions who could watch out, but if there are none, better keep these items in safer places. Above all, cash draws these burglars the most. Better not show you have it in abundance, like through a bulging wallet, or you might be sorry later. If possible, just take with you enough amounts in your secure pockets. Divide and insert them also in various parts of your attire where paper bills could settle. At least, when your wallet is snatched, you still have money left for your further mobility and necessities. It pays to be wise and alert.