Stirred by the unearthed quick funding, quick release through a quick dispensing cash machine, blinded followers in the lower house of congress were taken aback by the callousness of the vice president. It would be recalled that the vice president whose name does not have the usual h, reportedly explained to stand for honesty. She retorted a query by explaining that honesty is not a requirement for public office. She won with that tag of being without the h trait of the honesty.

The campaign that presented a diametrically opposed campaign for a governance with transparency, honesty, integrity and accountability. Her acts are clear manifestation and symbol of corruption.

How else can one fathom the deep mystery of the intelligence fund that is beyond the auditing power of the audit commission. Even the supposed grilling interpolation by the well-meaning progressive block in congress. A factutum lady congressperson had dutifully done her role as shameless defender of the undefendable.

It is now the taxpayers who took the task to unceasingly fight this glaring robbery of public funds. The tale of a trail on how a father-daughter tandem effectively used power to abuse the use of local funds remain unrefuted if untrue. The public is now called to jointly serve as vanguard by acting akin to a fine sieve.
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