Usually, I don’t mind dreams unless they are jolting enough and worth-pondering on. They just come and go and are soon forgotten. Sometimes, I don’t even remember them right after waking up.

But some dreams are so realistic and detailed that they make it to my memory. These are the types of dreams that make me sit down and ponder. I’ve had many such dreams. Some even turn into nightmares because they’re scary and unfold between being asleep and awake. How I struggle with bodily and emotional reactions, trying to wake up but cannot. Moans and groans become my desperate resort.

I don’t claim any special connections with the source of dreams, nor do I pretend to know the future. But dreaming is something so common to me. I am prone to it. I dream a lot, and I don’t have control of it. I have no control over it. I am, therefore, a dreamer in the real sense of the word.

Again, I don’t claim any special ‘powers’, but a few years before Yolanda came, I dreamed of a scene wherein the ocean washed inland and drowned a community of people. Houses and all came under water. I took it as a really bad dream because many people had drowned. As the Yolanda storm surge got nearer in 2013, my dreams about that similar incident became more frequent until such that, until the super typhoon came, I was able to record six such dreams in all.

Before the deadly storm surge, I wondered why those dreams. I didn’t understand them. They scared me to death because the details in those dreams were so glaring and vivid, with me as a permanent participant. I was always there, part of the crowd, frantically trying to save myself from drowning. It was only when the real storm surge came that I realized why those dreams haunted me. But since I gave them no significance, I didn’t prepare for the real flood that had submerged our district and the rest of Tacloban City in flood water.

Two days ago, last Sunday to be exact, I again dreamed of another catastrophe. I accordingly looked out the window one night and saw that the moon had turned so big, around four times bigger than a full moon. Alarmed by what I saw, I informed my household members about it. When I returned to look past our window again, the moon had further multiplied in size, and I could see it moving closer to earth, almost covering the open horizon.

Shocked and taken aback, I accordingly fell to the floor. And right there and then, the earth started to shake violently that houses, trees, and even mountains started to topple down. Strong winds started to blow, and people and things were being carried away by the winds while the earth, beneath us, was kind of dancing in the air. I was half-awake, then, and I could even explain to myself that the reason for the earth’s shaking was due to the gravitational push and pull, being too close to the moon.

It was a good thing that, before the two heavenly bodies collided, I awakened. But my heart was pounding heavily, as I caught my breath. Would such a time come? I don’t know.