Coping with climate change is a tough challenge as even the weather bureau could not accurately predict weather changes. The abrupt changes in weather conditions are keeping people sick in catching with such unpredictable weather changes.

A sunny morning is not an assurance of a sunny afternoon or evening. People on the go are often caught under the rain after travelling under the scorching sun, downing a healthy condition into a sudden illness.

This results in going into an unexpected rest from work and a loss of income to feed the family. In many instances, people are forced to cancel travels to work for a living. This happens most in people whose main means of public transportation are seacraft that are banned by authorities even with a mere gale warning that is true on paper but not in reality. The vessels that are equipped with safety lifejackets and lifeboats are barred from sailing even in the calmest sea condition.

Above all, rains cause floods, inundation and landslides. The best preemptive measure that government could do is issue warnings for people to evacuate to safer grounds. It also allows procurement of food and relief goods to ensure that people are provided with food in case of disaster.

But rains are blessings that water the plants that bear fruits for man’s sustenance. The farmer is happy everytime it rains as long as it does not cause floods and erosions. By and large, it is God’s gift that mankind abused to cause man’s own perdition. Let rains be blessing as we manage to contain such grace from becoming disastrous floods. Be happy and that when it rains.
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