The threat of the dreaded 2019 novel corona virus still persists despite measures implemented by government to contain its further spread. The delayed action of government to ban travels from places in China where the virus emanated. Latest reports bare an increasing number of deaths and the number of persons infected by the virus. The situation is alarming as people still continue to travel from China to various destinations around the globe. The reported ban on travel from the place where the virus emanated later came out as fake news as air transportation officials admitted that flights from those places still continues as the ban was merely on passengers who are found to have symptoms. It raised peoples to detest the clear deception about the travel ban.
Amid the unabated movement of people from the affected areas in China, people remain at risk from getting infected. The increasing number of deaths is a clear indication that the virus is still prevalent in places where infected persons had stayed for some time. The initial government action was to trace the location of persons where came in contact with the infected person so that they could be placed in confinement and be treated for any ailment that might be considered as symptomatic of the virus. Another concern is the fact that the virus does not show symptoms but merely manifests for other illnesses than that caused by the virus. This brings us to possibilities that the person under investigation may be infected and be a carrier of the virus without experiencing sickness due to virus infection.
No cure has yet been found for the virus that had reportedly killed 1,770 persons since the virus outbreak. The fatalities is truly alarming considering that the victims could have carried and transmitted the virus to persons they came in contact with. This concern is real and puts every person to be responsible and be on guard by following preventive tips issued by health authorities. People might as well heed various advisories from reliable sources, mainly those who are experts or authorities on the medical field. The search for cure is still being pursued by those in the medical field.
Without any cure in sight in the near future, people have no better option than pray for God’s protection and healing. For those who have faith, only God has the power over all the most deadly viruses and illnesses that afflict mankind. We need the grace from God to be protected from the virus and healing for those who had been infected. The virus is unseen and people have no way to evade its path. The possibility of getting infected still remains despite all efforts to protect people from getting sick.
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