This radical number that is used as a constant in computing circumferences and areas of circles has caught this writer’s interest early in his study of mathematics. The number is infinite that its decimal value runs infinitesimally beyond imagination. Its value is so valuable that objects in circles can be quantified in accurate measures for the beneficial use of humankind. What appears to be beyond estimation and understanding can be shown in simple figures to the understanding of the common man. Truly, mathematics is exact science that requires proof with accuracy and certainty.

The problem with radical computations is when human biases become part of what is supposed to be an accurate equation. Results from such mathematical operations are skewed towards where the bias is directed. It is so in the field of social and political sciences when politicians interfere in the operations to introduce their own desired conclusions. The process is reversed in the sense that the desired conclusions are the targets that the process would support based on foregone conclusions.

People of this republic are getting into a political game initiated by politicians who are eager to tinker with the constitution. The power to initiate what they think are to be changed in the present constitution through people’s initiative is being used by politicians in the lower house to advance their interests. The primary reason being raised is the need to amend economic provisions to allow foreigners to own businesses. There too is the proposal to open land ownership to foreigners in order to attract investments.

These proposals had caught the attention of senators, chiefly on the issue of treating the proposed amendments by congress voting jointly. Such move would eliminate the power of the senate to serve as a co-equal body. People without clear understanding of the issue may be duped into voting for the wrong choice and wrong reason. If voting will be done separately, the lower house would certainly outnumber their counterparts in the upper house.

All amendments emanating from the lower house would be railroad as the voting will certainly be in favor of the greater number. This issue is just the tip of the iceberg as other amendments desired by the lower house would be carried by the power of numbers. What will happen to the constitution if it will be amended upon the whim and caprices of politicians whose vested interests would surely be advanced without the needed check and balance by the senate.

Verily, this exercise is not in any sense the people’s initiative envisioned by the framers of the constitution. By all indications, it is not the people that are wanting to initiative constitutional amendments. The powerful and influential politicians are apparently behind this move.

People in circles could be counted to meet the required percentage of every locality or region using mathematical computations. But with political initiative behind, people could only wail and decry and shout out the vulgar Filipino praise with the initials . . . P. I.
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